Unlike any physical business firm, a virtual business firm (VBF) can exist as long as the internet facility is available in this world. Few computers, Internet accessibility and few experts are the only essentials for running a VBF from anywhere. High income with least effort and investment can be generated in the least time possible with Virtual Business Firms.

If at all a state arises when you are unable to operate VBF in a particular country, you can easily move to another place and make your VBF function perfectly without any hindrance. This is not the case if a physical business firm is restricted to run in a country where everything has to be done from the very beginning, like basic infrastructure, registration and so on. VBF is very flexible in these terms. Few mouse clicks can make everything done.

VBF will have to face only 20% issues that of a physical business firm. Take an example: Online store and a physical supermarket. A physical supermarket can have numerous troubles to face, related to the store space, maintenance, employees, varying government laws, environmental changes, stock, etc. But, once a Virtual Business Firm is developed, there can be least number of issues only.

For any existing business firm, the business can be propelled to huge success on establishing a virtual business firm along with it. The greater flexibility, possibilities of virtual business and the requirements like less capital, time and effort will increase the value, marketability, reach and profitability of an existing business. Now, the future lies in the leverage of virtual business.

Domain Highlights

  • Generally guessed and searched keyword – 100% conceptual Geo-targeted domain name with global popularity.
  • High traffic conversion as it is a keyword rich domain name which means, direct navigation to right destination. This helps to generate high income. It is enquired from different parts of the world.
  • Google tagged keyword: Google can display only about ten highly searched keywords at a time relating a particular concept. Auto-tagging is possible only if the keyword is highly searched and memorable.
  • 2,920,000 search results in Google (0.13 seconds). If properly search engine optimized, it can be brought first in Google results.
  • 18,000 exact search results in Google (0.20 seconds) 
  • Increase in web search interest since 2007. 
  • Easy to advertise through printelectronic method. With less advertisement, we can have minimum investment in the beginning. For this, printelectronic method will act as a signal-board that can direct people to our portal.
  • Easy to get ads from Google, Chithika, Admaaya etc – You may use CPC and PPC modes.
  • (All the Google statistics given are as per data available on 13th April 2011. Location: India, Kerala, Ernakulam)

Domain Quality

  • Self-explanatory conceptual domain name
  • Top level domain with gold standard (CNO pack) available
  • High marketability and large profitable market
  • Perfect domain characteristics
  • Easily typed and pronounced
  • High readability and hard to misspell
  • HNS free domain (HNS means hyphens, numbers and symbols)
  • Free from prefix and suffix
  • 100% English
  • Heterograph-free and heteronym-free domain name
  • Domain with BTC standards (BTC: Below Twenty Characters)
  • 3 words and 14 characters
  • SEO friendly
  • Highly memorable keyword
  • Easily recognizable domain